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Dream Pool Designers

Would you like a tanning shelf on your pool patio? A fire pit lounging area? Elegant water features such as waterfalls or wading pools? What about a luxe outdoor kitchen? Would you like your concrete stamped for a distinctive look? We combine high level engineering knowledge with creativity and innovative design.

If you can dream it, we can design it.

Specializing In One Of A Kind

We specialize in crafting high-end custom pools with an abundance of luxurious features. Our passion lies in creating one-of-a-kind aquatic retreats that elevate your outdoor space to extraordinary.

Creating The Perfect Pool For Your Yard

We offer a wide range of pools to ensure the perfect solution for your space & budget. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to create a massive custom masterpiece in your backyard or trying to not break the bank. We can design a pool to meet your needs.


Concrete pools are highly durable and customizable. They are constructed by spraying a mixture of concrete and sand onto a steel framework or rebar. This method allows for flexibility in shape, size, and design, making it possible to create unique pool features like waterfalls, spas, and custom steps. Concrete pools are extremely durable.


Pre-manufactured pools made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. These pools come in various shapes and sizes and have a smooth gel-coat finish. They are relatively quick to install since the pool shell is delivered to the site in one piece. Fiberglass pools are known for their low maintenance requirements, as the smooth surface inhibits algae growth.

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Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner pools consist of a metal frame or polymer walls, which is then lined with a vinyl material. These pools offer versatility in shape and size, and the vinyl liner comes in various patterns and colors. Vinyl liner pools are generally more affordable than concrete or fiberglass pools, but the vinyl liner may require periodic replacement over time.

See Your Pool Before Breaking Ground

We can create 3D models of your property and the pool so you can preview the project. Being able to see the layout and know exactly what you are getting before hand is critical.

Way Beyond A Pool Boy 

You want to spend your summers relaxing in your pool… not wasting your time with chemicals and cleaning. Let us take care of all your pool’s needs so  you can maximize your enjoyment from your new pool! We can not only create a maintenance routine to keep your pools water in balance. We can also prep your pool for winter and reopen it for you in the spring. Our team is highly knowledgeable and capable of taking care of your pool.

Create Lasting Memories

Right In Your Back Yard

Multiple financing options to make your purchase stress free.

Purchasing a pool doesn’t have to be a financially painful experience. Instead of paying for your new pool with an all cash payment up front. You can space out the payments over multiple years. Making it a breeze to pay off your pool at your own pace. We offer multiple reliable financing options that fit any budget and timeframe.

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